ALDO Ranch - Texas Big Game Hunting Trips
ALDO Ranch - Texas Big Game Hunting Trips
ALDO Ranch - Texas Big Game Hunting Trips
ALDO Ranch - Texas Big Game Hunting Trips
ALDO Ranch - Texas Big Game Hunting Trips
ALDO Ranch - Texas Big Game Hunting Trips
ALDO Ranch - Texas Deer Hunting

The ALDO Ranch game species are Whitetail Deer, Wild Hog, Rio Grande Turkey, Bobwhite Quail, and Mourning Dove. Since 2005, ALDO Ranch has utilized wildlife management techniques to accomplish wildlife and habitat improvements. Selective hunting and year around food plot management have been conducted since 2006 with the assistance of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologists' plan reviews and recommendations. In addition to quality food plots, ALDO Ranch has year-round available water from spring fed tanks and wells. Feed is supplemented with rack and body building minerals, along with corn and protein pellets.

The ALDO Ranch maintains a TPWD Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Level 3 designation. This is the highest level permit designation and allows hunters to use a permit tag, instead of their license tag for deer shot on the ranch. The MLDP permit season allows patrons of the ALDO Ranch to hunt whitetail deer (bucks and does) from October to February according to the ranch's permit harvest objectives.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

ALDO Ranch whitetail deer hunts are selectively scheduled to provide unpressured game sightings from elevated, enclosed blinds. There are no cattle competing with the deer for feed or habitat at the ALDO Ranch. ALDO Ranch hunting is semi-guided, with only one hunting party at a time. Pickup trucks, John Deere Gator, and a Polaris Ranger provide convenient access to the hunting blinds located strategically throughout the ranch.

Maintained trails and roads provide stealthy approach to blinds. The ALDO Ranch game management philosophy is to maintain a close buck-to-doe ratio with a total whitetail deer population below habitat carrying capacity. As a result, the ALDO Ranch has achieved continually improving quality and age structure favoring mature bucks. Accordingly, only two whitetail deer hunts are offered per year. Management hunts are arranged on an as-needed basis to carefully cull does, and any bucks that have made their way onto the ranch and fail to match up to quality expectations.

$3,600 includes: 4 hunters for 3 days hunting, 3 nights lodging and 3 complete dinners
$4,500 includes: 4 hunters for 4 days hunting, 4 nights lodging and 4 complete dinners

MLDP Season: October to February

Bag limit per hunter: 1 buck, 1 doe, 1 turkey in season, and unlimited hogs.
Additional doe $95. Additional buck negotiable before the hunt, minimum $600.
TPWD MLDP deer permit tags (not hunter license tags) are used.

Rio Grande Turkey

Rio Grande turkeys roost, feed, water and breed on the ranch. Spring turkey hunting takes place along their feeding and traveling trails. Turkeys are hunted from fixed and portable ground blinds. Hunters are set up with turkey decoys at a blind to test your gobbler calling skills and challenge a long beard within shotgun range. Turkey hunters can hunt hogs into the evening.

$2,400 includes: 4 hunters for 3 days hunting, 3 nights lodging, and 3 complete dinners

Season dates established annually by TPWD

Bag limit per hunter: Includes 2 turkeys. Only one bird may be a Jake.

Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite quail numbers are good and widely distributed throughout the ranch. Quail hunts are arranged on a first-come first-served basis with only one hunt per season being offered. Trained upland bird dogs are welcomed and encouraged. A call count to determine covey numbers is conducted in October.

$3,200 includes: 4 hunters for 3 days hunting, 3 night lodging, and 3 complete dinners

Season dates established annually by TPWD


Dove are attracted to the water sources, crop fields and food plots at the ALDO Ranch. Contact us to set up a classic West Texas barbeque and dove hunt for parties of 15 to 20 hunters.

Season dates and bag limits are established annually by TPWD

Wild Hogs

Hunters may harvest unlimited wild hogs while participating in wild hog hunts at the ALDO Ranch. Wild hog hunts for non-Texas residents require the Special Non-Resident License issued by the TPWD. ALDO Ranch hunters pursue wild hogs aggressively using feeder lights to counter their notorious around-the-clock movements. Hunting is from permanent blinds. Hogs up to 400 pounds have been taken at the ALDO Ranch, but they are not easy prey by any means. Your stealth, patience and skills will go far in improving your chances of taking a bragging-rights wild hog.

ALDO Ranch Wild Hog Hunting Season: January to September

$1,800 includes: 4 hunters for 3 days hunting, 3 nights lodging, and 3 complete dinners

Bobcat, Coyote and Fox

It is not unusual for ALDO Ranch hunters to see a bobcat, coyote or fox while they are hunting wild hogs, whitetail deer or turkey. Predator hunting is included with hog hunts. Each hunting party will discuss consideration for predator hunting, as it may cause disturbance for your fellow hunters who are looking to score on a whitetail deer or turkey. Predator-only hunts can be arranged by request.


All game bag limits are per hunter as established annually by the TPWD. TPWD MLDP permit tags (not license tags) are used for all deer on the ALDO Ranch. Whitetail deer body measurements and lower jaw removal are required for our permit data and must be performed before any deer leave the ranch. This procedure does not interfere with a head or shoulder mount for taxidermy.

ALDO Ranch applies a strict "any hit" shot policy. Blood, hair or other hit signs is counted as a kill. ALDO Ranch managers will undertake all recovery efforts possible, including the use of thermal sensing and blood detector aids in order to retrieve your deer.

Quality Deer Management principles encourage letting young bucks live to attain a mature wall-hanger buck. The ALDO Ranch encourages our hunters to follow these practices. Hunters should bring binoculars—look twice before shooting once—to ensure that you take a mature buck that you will proudly display. To grow high quality bucks and strengthen the ranch's whitetail herd and habitat, we include a doe with the whitetail deer hunt fee. This assures that everyone has a chance to take home some high quality venison meat without having to shoot a young buck. Whitetail hunters may take unlimited hogs.

The ALDO Ranch is committed to satisfying hunters looking to have quality hunting experiences while enjoying memorable hunting adventures with friends. We urge hunters to get in early before a hunt while there is sufficient daylight to tour the ranch and see the blinds.

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